Mubende Light SS

16:30 Aug 25 2014 Mubende Town Council, Mubende

Scope: 1-storeyed 6-classrooms block, and 2 no. 5-stance water borne toilet blocks.

Contract signed: 12-Mar-2013. Site handed over: 28-Mar-2013. Works commenced: xx. Original completion date: 24-Mar-2014. Revised completion date: 30-Jun-2014.

Contract sum: UGX 720,569,500. Amount released to school: UGX 648,512,550 (1st 50% UGX: 360,284,750 on 09-May-2013 and 2nd 40% UGX: 288,227,800 on 31-Mar-2014). Amount accounted for: UGX 568,844,438 (88%). Outstanding advance: UGX 79,668,112 (12%).

Physical progress: 80%. A 6 Classroom Block and 2 five stance VIP latrine are not yet finished and painting not yet done except the under coat which has been done. A variation on earth works amounting to UGX 20,340,000 was sought and approved by CMU but to date it has not been sent to the school and yet the works were done in order to start the construction.

The 2nd tranche was supposed to be 360,284,750 but the school received only 288,227,800 leaving a balance of 72,056,950 which is meant for retention. The amount outstanding was on the school account at the time of inspection.

1 no. 10,000 litre rain water tank installed by M/S CRESTANKS LTD.

Follow up actions:

(i) Ministry to release approved variation of UGX: 20,340,000 and retention of UGX: 72,056,950 to the school.

(ii)Ministry to issue final certificate for work done.
Additional Data
Phase: II
Contractor: RESCO (U) Ltd
Works Compliant with Specifications: Yes
Project Status: in-progress
School Completed (with Furnishing)?: No
Exp. Date of Completion: Jan 01 1970

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