Kasengejje s.s

14:09 Oct 7 2014 Wakiso Town Council, Wakiso

Scope: 3 incomplete classrooms, 6 classrooms, and 2 no. 5-stance lined VIP latrine blocks.

Contract signed: 16-Mar-2011. Site handed over: N/A. Works commenced: 30-Mar-2011. Original completion date: 13-Jul-2011. Revised completion date: xx.

Contract sum: UGX 223,980,100. Amount released to school: UGX 233,721,100 (1st 50% on 21-Apr-2011 and 2nd 50% on 29-Aug-2011). Amount accounted for: UGX 196,196,872 (84%). Outstanding advance: UGX 37,524,228 (16%).

Physical progress: 100%. Construction works done though no furniture supplied. contractors is using the classrooms to store the furniture but not yet in control of the school. Funds not yet fully accounted for.

Follow up actions:

(i) Ministry to budget for the provision of balance of furniture.

(ii) School to return outstanding advance.
Additional Data
Phase: I
Contractor: Broad Line General Services
Works Compliant with Specifications: Yes
Project Status: complete
School Completed (with Furnishing)?: No
Exp. Date of Completion: Jan 01 1970

Credibility: UP DOWN 0
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