Awach SS

12:56 Jun 27 2014 Awach, Gulu

Scope: 8 classrooms, 1 laboratory, and 3 no. 5-stance lined VIP latrine blocks.

Contract signed: 06-Dec-2012. Site handed over: 29-Dec-2012. Works commenced:05-Jan-2013. Original completion date: 20-Apr-2013. Revised completion date 1: 12-Oct-2013. Revised completion date 2: 14-Dec-2013.

Contract sum: UGX 455,056,950. Amount released to school: UGX 455,056,950 (1st 50% on 25-Feb-2013 and 2nd 50% on 31-Jan-2014). Amount accounted for: UGX 219,711,950 (48%). Outstanding advance: UGX 235,345,000 (52%).

Performance security issued by EXCEL INSURANCE COMPANY LTD on 26-Feb-2013 expired on 25-Feb-2014.

Physical progress: 85%. Works stalled since Dec-2013; pending certification and payment of contractor's claim.

10,000 litre rain water tank installed by CRESTANKS.

Follow up actions:

(i) Ministry to immediately assess works executed to-date and issue interim payment certificate.
(ii) Contractor to deploy heavily to redeem lost time and complete works by 31-Dec-2014.
Additional Data
Phase: II
Contractor: Price Engineering Uganda Limited
Works Compliant with Specifications: Yes
Project Status: stalled
Resources on Site: Material
Performance of Contractor: Lagging
School Completed (with Furnishing)?: No
Exp. Date of Completion: Jul 31 2014

Credibility: UP DOWN 0
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