Gulu SS

09:46 Jun 27 2014 Bar Dege Division, Gulu Municipality, Gulu

Scope: 24 classrooms, 1 library, and 8 no. 5-stance water borne toilet blocks.

Contract signed: 26-Mar-2013. Site handed over: 26-Mar-2013. Works commenced: 01-Jun-2013. Original completion date:01-Jun-2014. Revised completion date: Not yet extended.

Contract sum: UGX 2,836,913,900. Amount released to school: UGX xx (1st 50% on 09-May-2013 and 2nd 50% on 31-Mar-2014). Amount accounted for: UGX 1,416,884,400(55%). Outstanding advance: UGX 1,136,338,110 (45%).

Recently paid UGX 208,797,453 to contractor on 27-May-2014; yet to be accounted for.

Performance security issued by EXCEL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED on 12-Aug-2013 expires on 11-Aug-2015.

Physical progress: 70%. Work on toilets not yet commenced. Contractor's variation claim not yet approved.

Rain water tank not yet delivered. Furniture sample not yet delivered.

School connected to UMEME national mains power grid and municipal water supply.

Follow up actions:

(i) School to immediately account for additional expenditure.
(ii) Contractor to avail furniture sample for approval by the school.
(iii) Contractor to deploy heavily to redeem lost time.
(iv) M/S CRESTANKS to deliver and install rain water tank any suitable existing building within the school.
(v) Ministry to assess and approve variation for extra works.
Additional Data
Phase: II
Contractor: Emmaus General Workshop Co (U) Ltd
Works Compliant with Specifications: Yes
Project Status: in-progress
Resources on Site: Material
Performance of Contractor: Lagging
School Completed (with Furnishing)?: No
Exp. Date of Completion: Jul 31 2014

Credibility: UP DOWN 0
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