Kitgum Matidi Seed SS

13:46 Oct 15 2013 Kitgum-Matidi, Kitgum

Scope: 2/2 classroom blocks and 2/5 stances VIP latrine facilities.

Contract signed: 23-Mar-2012. Works commenced: 14-Jun-2012. Original contract completion date: 28-Nov-2012.

Contract sum: UGX 145,188,400. Amount released to school: UGX 145,188,400. Amount accounted for: UGX 48,410,912.

All the facilities have been completed and in use. Furniture fabrication is ongoing at the school.

1 no. water tank installed and functional.
Additional Data
Phase: II
Contractor: Owici Lebi Co. Ltd
Works Compliant with Specifications: Yes
Project Status: in-progress
Resources on Site: Workers,Material
Exp. Date of Completion: Dec 31 2013

Credibility: UP DOWN 0
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