Paimol Primary School

09:06 Oct 5 2016 Paimol, Agago


One of the interventions under the Uganda Teacher and School Effectiveness Project is the Early Grade Reading. To date a total of about 6000 teachers including headteachers and P1 teachers selected from 27 districts that are poorly performing have been trained in the early grade reading methodology, which aims at improving the teaching and learning in local language.

An assessment of pupils is being done by UNEB to check whether the p1 pupils who are currently being taught by a trained teacher are being to master the skill of reading their local language and also conducting a baseline for the P2 and P1 pupils who are not yet subjected to a trained teacher. Results of this assessment will form a basis for comparison after pupils have been taught by a trained teacher.

At Paimol Primary school, the assessment is being done by assessors who are conversant in Leb Acholi and english. 20 pupils in P1, 10 pupils in P2 and 10 pupils in P3 were randomly selected using the statistical random tables.

The assessors are using electronic tools which were uploaded on the tablets and the children are being timed. The school environment is conducive for the pupils as the rest of pupils are in class.
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