13:08 Sep 23 2016 Unyama, Gulu

Training of caregivers is currently ongoing. the Training commenced on the 18th to 24th September 2016 at 15 Primary Teachers Colleges (PTCs) of which Gulu Core PTC is one of the training venue.

There are a total of 88 caregivers (nursery teachers) at the site of which 40 (10 Male, 30 Female) are under cohort one and 48(15 Ma;e, 33 Female) are under cohort two.

The major objective of this training is to equip the caregivers with skills that are needed for children between 3 to 5 and are essential for primary school readiness.

Those under cohort one are being taught in module three which includes sessions like:

- Material production, peace building, conducive learning environment, health and safety of children, planning a school garden, assessment of caregivers.

This is the last training face-to-face session for this cohort; they have already attended two face-to-face sessions which began in December 2015.

Cohort two have been taught in module one and this was the first training face-to-face session. The module includes sessions like:

- Children rights and responsibilities, how children learn, using local language as a medium of instruction, roles of parents, dress code , code of conduct for the caregivers, making learning aids, continuous assessment of the children instead of tests.

Out of the 63 females, 24 came along with babies and 16 baby sitters which is a major challenge in terms of feeding and the learning environment as the babies are carried along in class.

The Training has gone on well with facilitators who are knowledgeable in what they are doing.
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