12:59 Aug 4 2016 Ajia, Arua

Field appraisal site visit (FASV) conducted in September 2015.

Enrolment (at the time of FASV) 1029 pupils (518 girls & 511 boys).

The School has no permanent buildings. A borehole was found in the school compound but it wasn't functioning. Currently the main water source is a protected spring 1km away from school.
UPE capitation grant was displayed in the administration block.
Their is no power in the school.


The school qualifies for GPE project facilities.

Follow up stakeholders consultations undertaken at the school on 4th August 2016.
Additional Data
Project Status: Not Started
Functionality of SMC: Active
Equipment on Site: None
Workers on Site: None
Contractors Name: xx
Contract Sum: xx
Certified Payment: xpx
Exp. Date - Performance Security: Jul 03 2016

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